A wild night at LAX included false calls of an active shooter, evacuations, delayed flights, and a man dressed as Zorro being detained by police.

Airport police were alerted to a man in Terminal 7 dressed in black and carrying a sword.

Authorities learned the man dresses up as the character Zorro in Hollywood Boulevard and he told them he was there to pick up a passenger.

“He was detained briefly last night … once we made the determination that the sword he had was plastic he was released,” Assistant Chief Dave Maggard with the Airport Police Department told KTLA.

Just a few minutes later, police received calls of an active shooter. As news spread, passengers and employees began to evacuate the airport – with some even running out emergency exits and onto the airfield.

Police determined there was no active shooter and passengers were eventually allowed back into terminals after being rescreened.

The incident caused two flights to be cancelled, 27 arriving flights were diverted to other airports and 281 flights were delayed.

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