Yucca Valley Woman Lights Furniture on Fire Then Walks Around Waving Gun: Cops


A bizarre incident is under investigation in Yucca Valley after a woman is alleged to have started a home on fire by lighting the furniture inside ablaze. Then walking around the streets of her neighborhood waving a gun around.

Early Friday morning, family members discovered the woman burning furniture in the house. Residents attempted to put out the flames, but were unable to. Fire crews were called to the scene about 2am, but were not immediately able to fight the blaze due to safety concerns after reports of a woman in the street waving a firearm and threatening onlookers.

Eventually police were able to detain the woman and fire crews were able to distinguish the fire.  The woman was taken to a nearby hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

There were no injuries and authorities estimate the loss due to the fire to be $32,000.