Yucca Valley Restaurant Closes, Calls Town Residents “Inbred, Meth Snorting Hicks”

gonzo tacos

The restaurant business is a tough one. Some 60% of restaurants are said to fail after just one year – and while saying goodbye to your dream can be tough for a restaurant owner, it is never a good idea to call your customers  “a bunch of inbred, meth snorting hicks” who would prefer to “eat shit and die”.  But, that is exactly what Gonzo Tacos did on Facebook with this insane post;

There were over 275 replies to the posting including Tony who replied with “What the hell were you thinking opening a taco in a community you hate? Sounds to me you need to go back to management school and learn your customers before you open and waste your money and blame it on everyone else,” – while Gloria offered, “Either you have been hacked or you need a better public relations spokesperson”.

(There is a possibility that the Facebook page was hacked – if that is indeed the case, they should really check their Facebook page more often, as the posting has been live now for 4+ days.  I did reach out to Gonzo Tacos to confirm their closing, but have not heard back.)

For what it is worth, Gonzo Tacos averaged 4 out of 5 stars on Yelp and there is still a Groupon available for the establishment, though I wouldn’t recommend buying it (you know, with the place claiming to be closing down and all).

UPDATE:  Yes, they posted this…and yes, they closed down.