YouTube star heartily endorses unconventional Palm Springs breakfast spot

Casey Neistat, a YouTube star with over 7 million subscribers and the best first name a human can have, was in Palm Springs last weekend for Coachella fest (I know, who wasn’t?). In his video, Neistat gives a hearty endorsement for a breakfast stop in the Coachella Valley: 7-Eleven.

“I think this is the most delicious food ever made”, Neistat says of the 7-Eleven apple fritter (about 1:30 in).

The video also has some cool drone shots of Palm Springs and has already been seen over a million times – which means the Palm Springs 7-Eleven is probably out of those apple fritters.

Related: they may not have convenience store apple fritters, but here are some other decent breakfast options in the Coachella Valley.

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