Your wet wipes are clogging up the local pipes!!!

Soon we will not have any plumbing anymore and it’s all because you keep flushing your wet wipes – err, I mean Dude Wipes – down the freakin’ toilet.

KMIR covered the crappy story today, in which the Coachella Valley Water District explained that you can’t flush the wipes after you’re done unloading some timber.

“The pump tries to pump it and it gets stuck in there, and then it can’t push it through the pipe,” Coachella Valley Water District Maintenance Supervisor Andy Calhoun told the TV station which means you are literally blowin’ up the bathroom.

When wet wipes and other stuff that shouldn’t be flushed go down the pipes, it requires maintenance and parts have to be replaced – at a cost that runs about a million dollars a year for CVWD. Which, as we all know, is the shits.

*Before we continue, yes, Adam may have already ruined this for you*

And even though a product says it’s flushable, doesn’t mean it actually is flushable.

“They are flushable cause they fit down the toilet, but what it is is that aside from being flushable, they don’t disintegrate down the system,” CVWD Collections Supervisor Juan Martinez told KMIR. “Therefore again causing havoc to our system and our pumps.”


In the end, just be sure not to flush those wipes down the pipes.