Your Tax Dollars Pay for Cab Rides for Drunk CA State Senators

Being an elected official in California has its perks: holidays off, great healthcare, a fantastic retirement plan, and free rides home at night from the bar!

Two part-time drivers were hired in February at a rate of $2,532 per month, per employee. One of their responsibilities: “ground transportation for Senate members,” reports the Sacramento Bee. The newspaper spoke to one man who turned down the job when Senate officials had asked him about working overnight to drive politicians home upon request

The program comes on the heels of four lawmakers in the last five years being accused of drunk driving. A chief of staff confirmed that the service is intended to prevent drunk driving by legislators with one spokesman refusing comment because it was a “security issue”.

As for you, the citizens who voted them in, pay for your own damn cab rides!

Nice to see California’s politicians really looking out of the people.