Your Palm Springs City Council is Just Too Damn Busy to Deal With Biker Weekend

Biker weekend

The members of The Palm Springs City Council are clearly very, very busy. They are so damn busy, they have zero time to talk to residents of the city about a popular event that brings a large amount of spending to town.

Just two weeks after the oh-so-busy council cancelled American Heat biker weekend, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts staged a protest at City Hall Wednesday in hopes of reviving the annual tradition. It went about as expected.

More than half a dozen speakers pleaded with the city council during their meeting to bring back biker weekend because of the revenue it brings to local businesses – with many in the crowd cheering them on, reports The Desert Sun.

And how did it go?  Well, let’s go back a couple of weeks first.  Here is how KESQ reported on the cancellation of the event two weeks ago:

The Palm Springs City Council is officially canceling the annual “American Heat Biker Weekend.”  The City Council briefly discussed the event during Wednesday night’s meeting before deciding to pull support.

And here is how The Desert Sun reported on how the council dealt with the protest last night:

The council took no action regarding the event and didn’t comment extensively because it wasn’t on their agenda.

Your Palm Springs City Council everyone.  They are obviously incredibly busy people.