Your long run of eating at the Costco food court without a membership may be at its end

The Costco food court is well known for its selection of cheap hot dogs, pizza, chicken caesar salads and, up until now, you could easily enjoy all of it without a membership, but those days may be over.

Costco claims that you have always needed a membership to order at the food court, but you could always just tell the people at the door your are “renewing your membership” and then go ahead and saddle up to the food court, where a card is not needed, and order anything you want.  It’s basically how I survived my broke-ass early twenties and, sadly, those glory days appear to be over.

The warehouse chain is reportedly restricting access at many stores beginning in March and, well, no one is very happy about it.

No word on how this might affect your hot dog buying ways at the two Coachella Valley Costcos (Palm Desert and La Quinta) but we will keep you posted.