Your Guide to All of the Recent Changes in Palm Springs Radio

The Bull 98.5

You may need to reconfigure your car’s presets as there have been quite a few changes on the radio dial over the past couple of weeks in the Coachella Valley.

Here is a brief rundown:

  • 98.5 FM is no longer KDES and is now “The Bull” – making it the Coachella Valley’s second country music station (the other being “The Big 106”).
  • 103.9 FM is no longer Easy 103 “The Breeze” and is now a sports talk station airing syndicated ESPN content.
  • 106.9 FM “The Eagle” is still “The Eagle”, but now is home to most of the on-air staff formerly of KDES.

So why a second country music station?  The details via Radio Insight:

Alpha Media, Palm Springs announced the launch of a brand new country station, 98.5 The BULL! The Bull is branded as a contemporary country station playing new Country music.

Alpha Media Executive VP of Programming, Scott Mahalick commented on the announcement, “If Stagecoach had a radio station it would be 98.5 The Bull, it’s a perfect fit.

The Bull debuted by playing “This is How We Rroll” by Florida Georgia Line featuring Luke Bryan.

So what do you think of the changes on the local airwaves, let me know in the comments below…