You now have 3 extra days to report your gun stolen in Palm Springs

Image: Marco Verch, Flickr, CC

You now have a full business week to report that someone has stolen your firearm after The Palm Springs City Council voted to repeal rules they put in place after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in 2016.

The law, which required Palm Springs residents to report their gun stolen within two days, was repealed by a three to two vote, according to the Desert Sun. Christy Holstege and Geoff Kors were the two councilmembers who voted against repealing it.

A few months after the Palm Springs ordinance was passed, California passed ruled requiring the reporting of stolen firearms within five days, which will now apply in Palm Springs.

The city’s attorney said that the repeal would not have a “foreseeable impact” on gun owners reporting their stolen or lost guns and that the city’s law should not conflict with California’s as any conflict could see possible lawsuits from the NRA.

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