You might want to skip using the 7-Eleven microwave


7-Eleven is not exactly known for offering up the freshest or healthiest cuisine, but sometimes it’s 3 am, you’re drunk, and a Hot Pocket will have to do. The thing is, you might be better off treating it like a gross bread, meat, and cheese popsicle since warming it up has its drawbacks:

According to Fox News, the woman was likely warming up her pee prior to getting tested for a potential job. They also note that a clerk asked her to clean up the mess which she tried to do with a few napkins.

Cops were called, she was not allowed to take the drug test, and she was issued a summons for damaging the microwave – which somehow was valued at $500.

This isn’t the first time this has happened and it probably won’t be the last – so, yeah, try to find a Denny’s open at 3 am instead.