You might be rooting for the Palm Springs Firebirds hockey team. No, seriously.

While it still feels surreal that there are plans for an actual arena to be built in downtown Palm Springs, some details about the facility’s minor league hockey tenants have surfaced and, ummm, it just seems like they could’ve done better.

Palm Springs Firebirds, you say…because, if Palm Springs is known for anything, it’s all those, umm, firebirds?  Now, if you are like me, you may be asking right now, “just what, exactly, is a firebird?”  Well, reader.  It turns out that it is not, in fact, a bird that emits flames – which would be kind of an awesome logo the more I think about it – rather, it is defined as, “any of several small birds having brilliant orange or red plumage (as the Baltimore oriole, the scarlet tanager, or the vermilion flycatcher).”

So, I guess this will be your logo, Palm Springs hockey fans:

There is, of course, another possibility for The Firebirds, but I think I speak for everyone when I say that I think we have seen the last we ever want to see of these:

The good news is that Firebirds may not actually be the name, rather just one of the many names being considered, according to the Desert Sun:

It is not uncommon for owners of a new team to apply for a large number of trademarks for team names as well as internet domain names well before any official announcement of a name is made. As points out, Oak View Group has applied for 13 trademarks for the still-unnamed Seattle NHL expansion franchise. The Firebirds name appears to be the only trademark filed so far with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

So there’s still time for them to come up with a better, more appropriate name for the hockey club.  Here are some suggestions:

I am sure you have some ideas for a better name than the Palm Springs Firebirds.  Let’s discuss in the comments.


  1. OK, let’s see:
    The Haboobs
    The Dry Heats
    The Monsooners
    The Super Blooms
    The 4 O’Clock Winds
    The Seasonal Passes
    The Swiss Misses
    The Infinity Edges
    The Xeriscapers
    The Shade Cloths

  2. A few more:
    The Soft Medjools
    The Date Shakers
    The Coach Holas
    The Fan Palms (You could be a Fan Palm Fan)
    The Road Closures
    The Washouts
    The HOAs

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