You finally have a place to pee in downtown Palm Springs

via Flickr

Have to take a leak in downtown Palm Springs? Good news, you no longer have to act like you’re buying something at a store to do so.

Public restrooms are now open near the Isabelle statue (the one that disappears and reappears when you walk around it) next to the scandal hotel, according to KESQ. The restrooms will be open 7 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm…and after 10, you are just going to have to hold it. Sorry, those are the rules.

The city has contracted the cleaning of the restrooms to Wessman, or whatever it is they call themselves nowadays to make you forget about that whole alleged bribery thing, for $3,000 per month – which seems like it could buy a lot of toilet paper.

Anyway, happy peeing!