You deserve the best web hosting, so here’s a great deal for your website

Sometimes we write about stuff we think you’ll like. Cactus Hugs has affiliate partnerships, so we might get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

So, in addition to running the dog and pony show that is Cactus Hugs, I also spend a good deal of time creating, updating, and maintaining websites for businesses of all types in and around the Coachella Valley and if there is one thing I have learned during my years of this it’s this: don’t ever skimp on web hosting.

Cheap hosting is cheap for a reason: it usually stinks. I don’t mean to get super geeky here, but we all know that no one wants to try to load a slow website.  And it could be even worse as I have had to help multiple clients move their hosting after their WordPress sites were hacked or the website suddenly just deleted from a certain company I won’t say the name of (but that used to do those weird, sexy Super Bowl commercials).

That stuff doesn’t happen with WPEngine. They do it right – with safe, reliable WordPress hosting that offers a ton of bonus features like staging sites, SSL certificates, daily backups, and more.

Sorry to get all tech geeky on you, but you owe it to yourself and your business to have a great website as, nowadays, it’s usually how someone gets their first impression of you and / or your business. So it’s best to make sure you do it right and paying a little bit more enough for good, fast, secure WordPress hosting is worth every penny – especially considering cleaning up a website after a crash or hack can cost a small fortune.

Here’s a coupon for the best offer available at WP Engine if you would like to look into possibly making the switch and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions as this stuff can be a pain and confusing sometimes.

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