There is always one. Everyone else has left, you have turned the music off, you are in your PJs, you are laying down with your eyes closed, and they, well, they just won’t get the hint that you want them to get the hell out of your house. One woman found a solution to this predicament. It’s not a legal one, but I get it.

Alana Annette Savell, 32, was arrested in Florida on Monday on a charge of aggravated battery with a firearm after she took action. Via NBC Miami:

A woman told authorities that she had gone to Savell’s home with a friend. Savell said they started drinking and were getting too loud, and said she didn’t want them in her home.

Savell armed herself with a handgun and started shooting at their feet from the doorway of the home, officials said. The woman was hit in the legs and was taken to a hospital for treatment. Savell’s boyfriend was also hit in the leg with a bullet during the shooting, authorities said.

Now, based on what I have seen out of Florida, it is surprising anyone is arrested at all after shooting another person.  It’s also a bummer that the boyfriend got shot, but then he told police that he told Savell that if someone is told to leave their property three times, she is to get the gun and shoot it at the ground.

He said that if that doesn’t work, she’s supposed to shoot them in the leg.

She clearly followed his directions.

Bottom line: when someone is giving you the hint that it is time to leave, get the hell out of their house.

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