You can stop pretending to care about tennis for 50 weeks

The BNP Paribas Open ended Sunday with players other than Roger Federer or a Williams sister taking home the titles. With the conclusion of the two week tournament in Indian Wells, it means that everyone can get back to normal and not have to pretend to care about tennis for the next 50 weeks.

That means:

  • No more forced tennis small talk with people. (“Oh, sure, yeah, I totally watched that doubles match that was so good.”).
  • Televisions at the sports bar can now show things you actually want to watch.
  • No more turning down tickets from your boss because you would rather not pay $25 to park at the stadium.
  • The local TV news can get back to wall-to-wall coverage of missing hikers and fender benders.
  •  The Indian Wells Tennis Gardens can get back to not hosting concerts even though it’s  the perfect place in town to host concerts.

And while not having to pretend to care about tennis will be nice, remember in three weeks, everyone will have to pretend to care about Coachella followed by…*vomits in mouth a little bit*…country music.