Fireworks girl sparkler

Good news pyromaniacs patriotic Americans! Despite pleas from citizens worried about kids blowing off their hands and a lack of water to put potential fires out, The City of Cathedral City will still allow the sale of so-called “safe and sane” fireworks in 2015.

City council members heard arguments from both sides on Wednesday, but eventually decided to do what government seems to always do: nothing.  The council  decided not to vote at all on a measure that would have banned the tradition of exploding things in Cat City on Uncle Sam’s birthday (note: almost every city in Riverside County bans fireworks, but Cathedral City apparently just loves America more than they do).

The pro-fireworks side argued that it would hurt charities who sell the fireworks in the city one week a year (why not let those charities sell smokes, booze, and guns too?) – while the anti-crowd argued that fireworks are dangerous.

The “charity friendly” city does collect fees from the organizations selling the fireworks.  Those fees totaled $12,764 in 2014.

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