The Palm Springs Brawl Episode of Storage Wars is Here

storage wars brawl

The big Storage Wars brawl that went down in Palm Springs (which was really in Cathedral City) a few months back was has finally hit the internet.

The episode, titled “Palm Springs Throwdown”, begins pretty hilariously with Dan and Laura Dotson repeating over and over just how “young and hip” Palm Springs is before pointing out all of the sand.

There are also plenty of shots of a temperature reading of 103 degrees (that’s all?), a storage locker with a few potted (and alive) cactuses inside (cuz yeah, sure), another locker with hockey equipment (in the desert!), and a flirty exchange with a tennis pro (oh, this show).

As far as that brawl between Dave Hester and the Dotsons, that happens at the end of the first segment / beginning of second segment of the show.

Watch the entire episode here and share your thoughts in the comments below.