You Can Fill Up Whatever Container You Want With Slurpee This Saturday

Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-Eleven


If you find drinking your Slurpee out of the mandatory 7-11 Slurpee cup to be too confining, your lucky day has arrived. Saturday, 7-11 is inviting customers to bring their own containers to fill up with Coke Slurpee (you can choose other flavors too – but why would you choose any Slurpee other than Coke Slurpee?).

It will run you $1.49 plus tax to fill up and whatever you bring to fill has to fit within the 10-inch cutout located near the Slurpee machine.


BYO Cup Day is this Saturday at 7-11 from 11am to 7pm.

(H/T Foodbeast)