You Are Probably Suing Hacienda Cantina (Since Everyone Else Is)

Have you had a chance to grab a drink and some grub at The Hacienda Cantina & Beach Club in Palm Springs? If not, you may want to do it soon – seeing as how: a) they could obviously really use the money, and b) the seven contractors suing the restaurant would really like to get paid already.

The Desert Sun reports that at least seven companies ranging from plumbers to landscapers to electricians who helped build The Hacienda are suing the joint claiming that they are owed more than $450,000 – which is especially odd since The City of Palm Springs kicked in $250,000 to help build the place (Which, by the way, I would like to build a restaurant too. Where is my $250,000 Palm Springs?).

The company that owns Hacienda, Miggy’s Cantina LLC, has not said what the hell they are doing financially.  The company is owned by Richard Meaney, who is president of a separate company that paid Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet over $200,000 in consulting fees (ugh, this town…I swear).  It is not known if Pougnet had to also sue to get paid.

An attorney for Miggy’s did release a statement:

“Miggy’s Cantina LLC does have several lawsuits pending pertaining to the construction of Hacienda Cantina,” the statement said. “Having gotten the project on its feet earlier this year, we were able to settle with the largest creditor, whose claim accounted for over 40% of Miggy’s total debt. … Miggy’s goal is to enter into similar agreements with any remaining legitimate claims soon. We look forward to a long and successful tenure in the community.”

And with owing everyone money, possible political corruption, and Facebook posts like this…how could things possibly go wrong for Hacienda?