Yeah, this sounds like your typical Palm Springs air traveler

USA Today as a column by Sara Day Owen about air traveling with kids and why she, unlike some parents, doesnโ€™t hand out packs of ear plugs and candy to passengers around her when she flies. She mentions a particular flight out of Palm Springs and, yes, this sounds about right.

Weโ€™ve all been around that traveler who is making their bad day everyone elseโ€™s bad day and thereโ€™s not a goody bag around that could change their mood (Iโ€™m looking at you, Mr. Unnecessarily Loud Man on the Palm Springs to Dallas-Fort Worth flight who was intent on sharing his displeasure about my babyโ€™s presence by declaring โ€œI hope it sleepsโ€ to everyone on the plane).

Now, to be fair, Mr. Unnecessarily Loud Man may have just been the average age of a Palm Springs flyer (178) and his hearing aid was off, giving him no idea just how loud he was being.

But, other than that, this seems to describe just about every passenger I have encountered on those few times I can find a flight that I can actually afford out of PSPโ€ฆand I donโ€™t even have kids.

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