Yeah, I mean, I guess this works

(City of Riverside)

The City of Riverside debuted their float design for the upcoming Rose Parade and, drumroll please, it’s the Mission Inn! Well, it’s the Mission Inn during summer since it’s not packed as fuck with insane people trying to get near the Christmas lights and mini doughnuts  – which is the way most of us know it best.

The float will cost a whopping $320,000 according to the Press Enterprise – which, whoa! We should have gotten into the float building business. Now don’t worry, that money is not coming from taxpayers, it was privately funded – which, whoa! Why don’t we know people who will throw down this kind of money for a parade float!

At first I was kind of surprised the float wasn’t more exciting, but then I started asking: what else could they possibly have added to it to represent Riverside:

  • Traffic on the 91 Freeway
  • People sweating while hiking up Mount Rubidoux
  • The boxy UCR Belltower
  • Bacon Fat Popcorn at the Salted Pig
  • Smog

So yeah, I guess the Mission Inn concept was probably the best way to go.

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