Yucca Valley: someone stole motorcycles from the circus

ramos circus
(Josh Allen / Hi-Desert Star)

The Ramos Bros. Circus is currently hosting shows in Yucca Valley (and may also want to renew their webpage). While many people enjoy it when the circus comes to town, someone in Yucca Valley decided that they wanted to bring a piece of the entertainment home with them in the form of 2 dirt bikes used in the performance.

The bikes, which are used in the “Globe of Death” stunt show, were spotted by a circus worker in the back of a truck as it pulled away from the big tip at 4 a.m. on Saturday morning.

The circus first notified the people of “Yacca Valley” of the missing bikes with a Facebook post:

And the post worked!  As Z107.7 reports, “an observant neighbor” on Campero Drive noticed his neighbors suddenly had two new dirt bikes. What a coincidence, eh?  They notified the Sheriff’s Department of the white and blue 1990 Yamaha RT100 and a 2000 red and white Honda RX100 dirt bikes.

And, the circus was true to their word, as they declined to press charges against those suspected of stealing the motorcycles.

Residents of “Yacca Valley” can see the circus, at the corner of Hilton Road and Twentynine Palms Highway, through January 31.