WTF? Two Beaumont Women Are Already Lined Up For Best Buy’s Black Friday

Every year Black Friday creeps earlier and earlier into Thanksgiving Day – and we ask ourselves: how in the world do we let commercialism ruin a perfectly good holiday?

To answer that, I give you: Vicky Torres of Cabazon and Juanita Salas of Beaumont.

The two have been camped out for Black Friday deals at The Beaumont Best Buy store since last Wednesday!!!

“It’s cold, but it’s fun,” they told The Sun.

Sure it is.

And why are they doing it? Juanita’s husband explained things to The Sun:

“On a fixed income, this is a great way to buy Christmas presents,” said Jacob Alva, who was holding his wife Juanita Salas’ spot on Wednesday in front of the electronics retailer when she stepped away.

By being the first in line, maybe the couple will save $400 on a television. And does that not sound totally worth waiting outside of a box store 24/7 for 22 fucking days!!!!