Would you eat a Tacro?


Food combinations are all the rage these days and, if you have enjoyed yourself a Cronut or a a Cheeseburger Pizza, you may want to check out California’s latest mashup: the Tacro.

The croissant-taco hybrid is being slung at at Vive La Tarte’s Ferry Building kiosk in San Francisco.

“It started as a fun internal project,” Arnaud Goethals, the co-owner of Vive La Tarte told the New York Times in an email. “We challenged our team to create a savory croissant to pair with their favorite flavors. After several weeks and many variations, the Tacro was born.”

The tacro will run you $12, according to Yahoo, can be ordered three different ways: pulled pork and pineapple, vhile chicken and avocado, and “BBQ jackfruit.”

Vive La Tarte says they put the tacros on sale every day at 11 am and they are normally sold out by 2 pm.