Would 5 story buildings save El Paseo?

Palm Desert’s El Paseo shopping area needs to do something. The city of Palm Desert knows this.  The city’s retail and dining district continues to be a snoozefest (even with giant fake noses and balloons!), question is what, exactly, that thing would be. There have been suggestions, such as more shaded areas and a movie theater, but so far, there really isn’t a plan – well, except maybe allowing 5 story buildings on the street for some reason.

Via the Desert Sun:

As currently zoned, buildings up to three stories – or about 45 feet – tall are allowed anywhere on El Paseo.

City staff proposed designating key spots on El Paseo, primarily at intersections with traffic signals, for four-story buildings with the potential for five stories.

The proposal, however, required City Council approval only on five-story buildings. It was the second time the zoning amendment came to the council.

Naturally, many residents are fearful that such a move would block views. The city’s mixed-use vision would have shopping and dining on the bottom floor and hotels and residential units on the top floors.

For now, the proposal has been kicked back to city staff – but who knows, maybe we will soon find out if three or four stories of apartments over The Daily Grill and CPK are just the thing to save El Paseo.

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