Woman Steals Wine to Get Arrested to See Boyfriend in Jail

Sure your girlfriend tells you she misses you when you are apart…but does she really mean it? ¬†One Texas woman proved just how much she missed her jailed boyfriend Wednesday, by lifting a cheap bottle of wine from a service station.

Alicia Walicke of Cedar Park, Texas was charged with misdemeanor theft and freed on $5,000 bond Friday. Cops say
Walicke stole a bottle of wine from a gas station Wednesday valued at $3.99 (mmmmm…$4 gas station wine!). Records show that police found the Walicke¬†outside the station and drinking the wine. She told authorities that she wanted to see her boyfriend, who was arrested hours earlier, and told them that she wanted to go to jail.

Her wish was granted – though cops have not said if she actually did see her boyfriend in jail.