Woman claims man took pictures of her showering at Indio gym

A Los Angeles woman told KMIR that she caught a man taking pictures of her while she showered at an Indio Gym.

Jodee Anderson used the sauna and shower at 24 Hour Fitness in Indio. She says that she spotted a man with a cell phone while she was in the shower and was terrified.

“I was so scared,” Anderson told the TV station. “I couldn’t move. I thought ‘No, I’m going to go after him.’”

Anderson overcame her fears and says she confronted the man and chased him into the men’s locker room, where she grabbed the phone out of his hand. She then went back to the women’s locker room and described what happened live on Instagram.

After looking at the man’s phone, Anderson says she found several naked photos of herself along with photos of other women taken at the gym. She also noted his name from his Facebook app.

The Indio Police department told KMIR that they could not comment as it’s an open and active investigation.