Woman calls 911, demands cops take her to the dentist, punches deputy

(Ventura County Sheriff's Office)

A California woman was arrested after police say she called 911, then punched a deputy when they refused to take her to the dentist.

Erin Bond, 26 of Newberry Park, called 911 Thursday morning and told the dispatcher she needed help with an emergency, according to a news release.. Two deputies arrived at her home and Bond complained about a recent dental procedure and said the deputies needed to take her to the dentist’s office to schedule a new appointment or obtain a referral to a different dentist.

Police told her that her complaint was not a criminal issue and that they would not be able to take her to the dentist’s office. After a few minutes the deputies tried to leave, but police say that Bond followed them to the driveway and stood in front of their patrol vehicle.

The deputies explained that if she didn’t move, she would be arrested. She refused to move. When a deputy approached Bond to arrest her, she punched the deputy twice in the face, according to officials.

After a brief struggle, Bond was handcuffed and taken into custody. She was booked for one count of battery on a peace officer.