There are a lot of wines out there. A lot! But which ones are for you? Winc aims to take the guess work out by sending you the wines you like right to your doorstep.

It’s pretty simple. Once you are at their website, you just answer some questions about the type of tastes you like. Are you a sweet or a sour? Do you like things salty or not? What’s your take on coffee: black, cream, sugar? It only takes a minute or two.

Then you put in your address and, next thing you know, 4 bottles of wine arrive on your doorstep. Just be sure you or someone over 21 is there to sign for them – otherwise, have them shipped to a FedEx pickup location that you can visit at your convenience.

After putting in my info, this is the box that arrived at my door this month (you may notice, if you look carefully, I prefer red to white.

(Photo: Kristen Dolan)
(Photo: Kristen Dolan)
(Photo: Kristen Dolan)
(Photo: Kristen Dolan)

And yes, these bottles made my Thanksgiving pretty damn great.  Thank you for asking.

Winc will even guarantee that you love the wine they send as you never have to pay for a bottle you do not like. Plus, for every 10 wines you rate, you will get $10 in credit for more wine – which is not only cool, but it also helps Winc send you the wines you will like the most.

To get you started, Winc will ship your first four bottles for just $30, which is a hell of a deal, to try it out.  Then you will get wines shipped every month – which you can skip or cancel at any time.

See how it all works here.


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