Will This Salma Hayak Art Decide The Desert Hot Springs Mayor’s Race?

Salma Silk Screen Desert Hot Springs
(via Facebook)

Will the mayor’s race in Desert Hot Springs all come down to this silk-screen print of actress Salma Hayak?

When it comes to politics, whoever raises the most money is usually going to win.  As The Desert Sun recently pointed out, Mayor Adam Sanchez has raised $8,000 more in political donations than his challenger Scott Matas.

And a big part of those donations came from one non-monetary donation.  That donation, a silk-screen print of actress Salma Hayek which was used in a raffle (what a prize!).  The print was valued at $4,000.

A Facebook post noted that 300 raffle tickets would be sold at 20 bucks a pop – giving Sanchez’s campaign $6,000, which is a lot of dough to buy things like those annoying campaign yard signs and more of those annoying campaign yard signs.

No word on who won the raffle and what in the world they plan on doing with their new art piece.