How will you spend the last big weekend of Snowbird Season?

Well, it has been quite a run. But now, the temperature is getting warmer (100 degrees on Monday – oh joy!), and the festivals are on the way next weekend – signaling that it’s time for once again for the Palm Springs Area’s beloved snowbirds to pack up their golf clubs, Tommy Bahama shirts, and giant bottles of Seagram’s gin and head north again. So what will you do during the last big weekend of the Palm Springs Snowbird Season?

Some ideas:

  • Have one last super-slow crawl on Highway 111
  • Head to El Paseo and try not to get hit
  • Stand in front of literally any store and try not to get hit
  • Stand in line with them (and Harpo the clown) waiting to get into the Nest
  • Let them bang their carts into you in the middle of the aisle at Costco
  • Feel pressured to back your car out for them as fast as possible…even though there is an open space just two spots down!
  • Head to a big box store and see how many times they just assume you work there

Enjoy the last big weekend of Snowbird Season.  Let’s discuss your plans in the comments.