Will La Quinta drivers be able to figure out how to drive through all the new roundabouts?

(City of La Quinta)

The city of La Quinta is about to see a $13.16 million renovation of the roads surrounding Old Town, City Hall, and the Village shopping center which will see construction crews add more crosswalks, bike lanes, and a whopping five new roundabouts, according to the Desert Sun. And while some (including this prickly cactus) find roundabouts to be absolutely fantastic others have a really, really hard time with them. So, how will drivers do once the new roundabouts are in place in La Quinta? Let’s take a look.

The only history we can look at when it comes to La Quinta roundabouts is the one currently at Jefferson and Avenue 52. Longtime residents might remember this roundabout was once twice as big but, thanks to the complaints of drivers who couldn’t figure it out and $400,000 in construction costs, that roundabout is now a only a single lane – though one with a very nice, giant bird in the middle of it.

Most drivers are able to quickly and safely drive through this roundabout and that makes traffic move pretty easily through the area and, man, is it soooo nice not to have to stop at a stoplight for no damn reason?

(Google Maps)

Of course, when one of those drivers who just can’t handle a roundabout hits the area, everything goes to shit and I am guessing it happens less now than it used to as those drivers just avoid it altogether by using Avenue 50 instead.

So how about these new roundabouts?  Well, here’s where they are going and when, according to the city of La Quinta:

  • Calle Tampico/Bermudas (Stage 1: June 2019 – January 2020)
  • Calle Tampico/Desert Club (Stage 1: June 2019 – January 2020)
  • Sinaloa/Bermudas (Stage 2: January 2020 – May 2020)
  • Calle Tampico/Eisenhower (Stage 3: May 2020- October 2020)
  • Eisenhower/Montezuma (Stage 3: May 2020- October 2020)

Yes, this means anyone looking to head to Old Town for a cold Even Par IPA, a frosty nitrogen ice cream, or some tasty Stuft Pizza is going to have to use a roundabout and, well, just be careful when you see a Washington or Canadian plate heading towards them.  Oh, and you best  be especially on your toes if you’re a pedestrian around these new roundabouts because, well, you already know why.

I really do hope these roundabouts all work out as the last thing we need is more freakin’ stoplights in this desert.  Who knows, maybe they become so popular that other cities start copying them (*cough* Palm Desert on El Paseo *cough*) and next thing you know everyone will be hashtagging #DoYouRoundaboutLikeLaQuintaBro

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