Will Jan Harnik scare enough old people to vote for her?

Have you seen Jan Harnik’s television commercial? Were you able to sleep afterward? Probably not, huh? It’s so scary. Harnik, who is running for County Supervisor has been airing a television ad showing criminals, mostly minorities, who were found guilty of raping an 11-year-olds,  shooting cops, and killing grandmothers. There has also been mailers that you might have briefly noticed before quickly throwing away with a similar theme (Cindy Uken has a pic and analysis here).  As for what Harnik would do if elected County Supervisor? Based on the ads, who knows. But, if they scare enough old people to vote for her, we will all find out soon.

Harnik told the Desert Sun that, though she does not share any plans on what she would do to make the county safer in her commercials or mailers, she does indeed have a plan.

Although neither the video ad or mailer contains policy proposals, Harnik said, as supervisor, she could work toward solving some problems she believes stem from A.B. 109 by increasing jail bed capacity, by staffing the John Benoit Detention Center in Indio and building new jails throughout the county.

Ahh, yes. That’ll do it.

A reminder: Harnik is part of the Palm Desert city council that just two years ago voted to give a former city manager hundreds of thousands of dollars even after he allegedly showed nude pictures of another city employee around the office.  The council also chose not to release the findings of their investigation because Palm Desert is the worst.

Then again, maybe Palm Desert has just enough scared old people who will show up to the polls and give Harnik the win.