Will a ‘huge block party’ make you forget how the new downtown Palm Springs got built?


The downtown Palm Springs development that has been at the center of corruption charges against the former Palm Springs Mayor and the developer is about to open.  While many in the city feel downright disgusted with the scandal-ridden project, which was given at least 46 million in taxpayer dollars, the Palm Springs Mayor has a plan to get you to forget all about it.

“We’re going to have a huge block party down here,” Mayor Robert Moon told KESQ during a segment promoting the new development.  He also brushed off the scandal by saying, “That really is not a city issue right now, that’s in the courts.”

There are no details about what kind of block party it will be – though I would guess there will be some sort of live music, some grub served that is definitely not from food trucks, and lots of booze to try to help ease the pain as taxpayers look around and think about how that $46 million could have been spent differently.