Will a free concert make up for all the alleged corruption in downtown Palm Springs?

(Rowan Palm Springs)

Downtown Palm Springs is staging a free concert on Thursday with a couple of local bands and some fireworks to celebrate the opening the new Rowan hotel, part of a massive project that the district attorney says was built thanks, in part, to $375,000 in alleged bribes to the former mayor. Palm Springs, what a city, man.

The details on the cool, hip, Millennial-centric event (that seems to have been crafted by the same people who brought Poochy to the Itchy and Scratchy Show) via The Desert Sun:

If anything might appeal to young folks, it’s an outdoor concert with performances by two local bands that have performed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, accompanied by a pyrotechnics show.

The free concert on Thursday featuring the YIP YOPS and The Flusters, in collaboration with Goldenvoice, is part of an elaborate event to help celebrate the improvements and changes going on in the downtown which includes the recent opening of the seven-story The Rowan hotel.

It’s also a way to appeal to the millennials and help shed the image of a gray Palm Springs.

And it’s solid planning too, as the event is up against the opening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi – which should be pretty well attended by the non-gray hair crowd all around the Coachella Valley.  But hey, now the Palm Springs City Council can say they finally tried to do a fun thing.

A reminder: $46 million of taxpayer money went into the downtown project – but hey, it’s not like taxpayers got screwed.  They get a free concert, fireworks, and a souped up Starbucks for their trouble.

Palm Springs is a really well run city.