Wildfire Breaks Out in Anza at Highway 74 / 371 Junction

(photo: Tim and Kiva Dine)
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Fire crews are battling a wildfire that broke out on Monday in Anza near the junction of Highways 74 and 371.

The fire began as a motor home fire but spread to vegetation nearby.

This photo of the motor home was posted to our Facebook page by Vinny Montenegro:

(photo: Tim and Kiva Dine)
(photo: Tim and Kiva Dine)

And this was the motor home a short time later:

Fire crews believe that the fire has the potential to expand to 1,000 acres within the next few hours, reports Palm Desert Patch.


Fire crews are fighting the blaze on the ground and in the air with air tankers and water-dropping helicopters.

The California Highway Patrol began  evacuating homes on the Santa Rosa reservation, just west of the blaze at 1:40 p.m., reports The Desert Sun.

Highway 74 has been shutdown from the Palm Desert side at Highway 371 with only residents of the area allowed access. There is no estimated time for reopening: