Wife Asks for Jewelry for Christmas, Husband Gets Her Joke “Ring Mug” Instead

Well, we know at least one guy who was sleeping on the couch Christmas night.

Redditor “surfkaboom” posted “My wife wanted jewelry for Christmas….don’t think she’ll be too happy.”
And why? Well, because while the gift he bought for her appears to be a nice ring – it is actually just a mug handle…

wife ring mug

Comments immediately began flooding in, with some of the best including:

So your new years resolution is to be divorced?
She’ll be mad before she even sees the cup – that ring is hideous.
When people ask how you got the black eye, you can just tell them you got mugged.

ring mug 2

“Surfkaboom”, whose real name is Jonathan told The Huffington Post ‘Ninety-eight percent of Reddit thinks I am going to end up sleeping on the couch,’  – but that was not to be, as he told MailOnline.com that his wife found the idea funny:

‘If there’s an opportunity to make a joke, I’m going to do it,’ he said. ‘This year, my 6-year old son wanted golf clubs and his small set was wrapped in Disney princesses, something that, at his age, he refuses to touch.’

ring mug

What do you think?  Funny joke or awful gift?