Shocking study: politicians get most of their campaign donations from the filthy rich


Does the best candidate always win an election? Hell no. It’s almost always the one who gets the most cash donated to their campaign. And where does all that coin come from? The people with all the money. Hmmmm…wonder if that is why the rich keep getting richer while everyone else in the country struggles?

Via NBC 4:

The NBC4 I-Team examined thousands of donations β€” contributions made by Californians to federal races from January 2015 through June 2016 β€” and found that a fraction of California’s richest residents are donating nearly half the money to candidates and political action committees. Digging deeper into the numbers, we found just 62 people out of the state’s 38 million residents have given more than a quarter of the $500,000,000 donated in the state, making California “the ATM of American politics.”

“Most of the money in presidential campaigns comes from millionaires and billionaires and special interest groups,” Daniel Newman, CEO of MapLight, a nonpartisan group that studies the influence of money in politics told the TV station.

The report details on how most of the big donors in California are supporting Democrats this campaign cycle naming several big donors including former hedge fund manger Tom Steyer who has singlehandedly given $38 million this year.

“I think Americans as a whole should be outraged at this broken system where money comes from millionaires, billionaires and special-interest,” said Newman. “We all pay a price for the system where the people that make our laws are responsive to donors instead of voters.”