Why is this a thing?

I need your help…

I was at a charity walk this past weekend and I saw one of the most awful…abominations of society that I think I’ve ever seen.

I apologize that you also have to see it too…

Here it is.

Now, it’s not a picture from this weekend because, well, I was too overwhelmed to even think about taking a picture. I’ve seen these things (which are not cheap) in malls, Target, and even Urgent Cares, but on a 5K walk for charity?!

WHY, DEAR GOD, IS THIS A THING? A dog’s legs are literally made for walking. If you’re walking and your dog isn’t, you’re doing it wrong. If you put it in a stroller so you can bring it to TJ Maxx, staaaaaaaaaaahp it! Your dog doesn’t want to go to TJ Maxx! It wants to be home sniffin butts and eating kibble while enjoying the air conditioning!

Please…join with me and together we can eradicate this trend of dogs in strollers. #CanWeNot

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