Why are the snow birds back already?

Have you noticed your commute taking a bit longer as of late? Have you spotted more and more out-of-state license plates on Highway 111 these past few days? Have you been surprised to find a long line greeting you at the pharmacy? Is your NextDoor seeing more complaints than usual?  Well, reader, that’s because, for some reason, the snow birds are already coming back in town!

Now, I could be wrong here, but it seems as if not too long ago, the snow birds would wait until it wasn’t 110 degrees in the desert to fly back for the winter. But, not so much anymore. Oh sure, things aren’t nuts yet and you can still find a stool open at Happy Hour and the lines at Costco are at least manageable, but there’s definitely more part-timers back in the desert in September than their used to be. But why?

Well, here are some theories:

  • They leave earlier now because of Coachella and Stagecoach, so they are just trying to get their full six months in.
  • They wanted to take advantage of those local restaurant Prime Rib specials that you don’t get after September ends.
  • They all flew back to fight the In-N-Out planned in Rancho Mirage.
  • They just love us locals too much to stay away.

I am sure you also have your theories, please share in the comments or, even better, if you happen to be a real-life snow bird, tell us why you are back in the Coachella Valley even though it’s still hot af.