Yesterday, we introduced you to Zobo & Meester’s El Jefe Challenge, a man competition pitting a human against a six pound breakfast burrito with a $100 gift card on the line. Amazingly, a hero has already stepped forward to beat the big ass burrito!

A man, only identified as “Derek from Yucaipa,” was the fourth person to accept the restaurant’s challenge to scarf down six pounds of refried beans, country potatoes, breakfast meat, cheddar and jack cheese, and eggs rolled into a tortilla in less than an hour – and, get this, dude did it with 20 minutes to spare.  Hell, guy scarfed down half the burrito in FOUR MINUTES!

For accomplishing the historic feat, Derek from Yucaipa got the burrito for free (normally $35) and a $100 gift card.


Zobo & Meester’s, 68703 Perez Rd., Cathedral City, (760) 832-6104