Who should we nominate for a Palm Springs star?

(Instagram: @mikimarkovich)

The Palm Springs Chamber has officially taken over the Palm Springs Walk of Stars and now through the end of August, they are letting you, Joe Public, nominate who should be honored with a $15,000 price tag to get a slab of concrete that people can walk on as they make their way to grab a beer at Moxie. So who should we all nominate? 

Now keep in mind, there is “new criteria” to get a star that includes seven categories including humanitarian, entertainment, civic/pioneer, architects/artists, sports star, military and literary.

So if you know a baseball playing, humanitarian pioneer architect with fifteen grand to burn (or who is friends with a local gas station owner), they are all set, dude.

The chamber plans on picking between 6 and 12 people a year to get a star (which seems like a lot tbh) and will only allow one dead person per year to receive one – which might give you a pause to pull the plug on grandma so quickly when the time comes.

Once nominated, the person will be considered for a star for two years, according to the chamber.  After two years, if the nominee is not chosen, they will be issued on a star on the new Losers Walk of Stars which will be constructed on the plot of land where Pope’s used to be – actually, that is not true, but it should be.  Someone make that happen, stat!

As for my pick for a Palm Springs star , that’s easy:

(Instagram: @mikimarkovich)

You can get more info and nominate Harpo the Clown for a Palm Springs Star (or someone else who clearly deserves it less) here.  The chamber is very clear that is the only way to nominate someone is online, so as much as you want to, don’t go calling them every five minutes to nominate your favorite local clown.

Who, if anyone, do you think truly deserves a Palm Springs Star?  Let’s discuss on the comments.

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