Who is KESQ’s competitive tissue box shaker?


KESQ held their Christmas party over the weekend and, while that had to be weird seeing as how they just blew up an entire television station, it appears that, at least some people had a good time.  Thanks to the delightful Twitter feed of the station’s new morning anchor, Angela Chen, we also know there was some unique talents on display during the evening.

A lack of commas might mean that multiple coworkers rapped while also doing standup and while also competitively shaking ping pong balls out of a tissue box, which would be incredible.  Of course, it’s Twitter typing, so it’s probably more of a case of one rapper, one comedian, and one competitive tissue box shaker.

Whatever the case, get the I-Team (Eye-team?  Aye-team?) on this and put these talents on display on the television already!