In 2017, the Coachella Music and Arts Festival added a tiki bar to its food and drink line up – and it was cool, if you could find it. This year, Coachella has added Whiskey Beats (get it?) which is serving up some impressive whiskey drinks and, best of all, it’s right out there in the open.

Located in the newly expanded beer garden that houses the Craft Beer Barn, the Cantina, and a bunch of food options, Whiskey Beats isn’t anything fancy to look at – a simple brick building with some art painted on the walls.

But, you’re not their for the atmosphere. You’re there for the drinks!

Whiskey Beats has specialty drinks including three different Manahattans, a Honey Berry Julep, A Young Fashioned, and more – and, for a festival, the prices aren’t terrible.

I opted for the Manhattan Project #1 for $16 (oh the financial sacrifices I make in the name of journalism) and I am glad that I did.  It was good. And no, not “just good for a festival.” It was a quality drink.

They also have a pretty extensive whiskey and scotch list

Thank you in advance to whoever buys me a Redbreast 21 on the rocks today.

Cactus Hugs is out covering Coachella Weekend Two.  Check back for more updated throughout the weekend.