The Important Question is a recurring thing we do on Fridays (and in this case, a Thursday) here at Cactus Hugs to get input on food, places, and things in the Coachella Valley from the people who know it best: you!  Brought to you by Riviera Palm Springs

The Coachella Valley and its surrounding areas are a right out of any photographer’s wet dream. The sunsets, the mountains, and just about everything inside of Joshua Tree National Park make for killer pics – yet, most tourists to the area end up just posting pics of The Saguaro, dashboard thermometers, and them in front of a pink door to their Instagram accounts.  So let’s give everyone a hand and talk about the best places in the desert take some cool photos.

As someone who has lived in town for about a thousand years now, it’s sometimes easy to forget just how incredible this place is.  The other day, while driving down Highway 74, I stopped for the first time in a long time at Vista Point.  Of course, I grabbed my phone to snap a pic.

I know.  I know.  It’s not the greatest photo ever, but it did get me thinking: what are the coolest spots for photos? – and this could be anywhere: a cool building, somewhere with an amazing view, a hike that leads to that perfect spot to perfectly capture the Palm Springs sunset, or whatever.

Let’s discuss in the comments.  Bonus points if you add a pic of your spot with your comment.

The Important Question is brought to you by Riviera Palm Springs. There’s plenty of new, tasty grub to try at The Riv.  Come enjoy some delicious noms this weekend.

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