Where are we?

Typically, the middle of May in the Coachella Valley is when things start to really get roasting – but, not on this middle of May day. Oh no. Today has been, well, fucking amazing. Have you been enjoying it? I have.

As I pound the keyboard about 3:30 pm, it’s only 78 degrees…IN MAY! It’s absolutely incredible and, honestly, everyone’s boss should let them out of work right now to enjoy it.

Seriously though, it’s like 10 degrees hotter in Portland than it is in Palm Springs – which is wild.

Of course, this won’t last forever and the forecast has the desert getting back to near triple digits by Monday. But, hey, that’s a few days away. So, in the meantime, keep those windows open or, better yet, get out for a hike or a jog or even just grab a lounger and take it in – because it probably won’t be this nice again until when? November??