When did all these people start talking during movies?

I think I need to stop going to the movies because now it seems that there are all these people that think it’s fine to talk during the movies. And it’s all people: old people, young people, guy people, girl people, brown people, white people, black people…you know, people. And not just any people, loud and inconsiderate people. Have you noticed all these people talking during your movies too? Seriously, what is the deal with all these people taking during movies?

I don’t remember so many people talking during movies back in the day. Sure, occasionally there would be some people, but those people would be hushed and made to feel ashamed. But now, barely anyone does the hushing anymore and all these asshats just continue to talk away like the jerks they are.

There also used to be theater employees that would enforce the no talking policy, but now there isn’t a theater worker to be found when there are loud people in the theater (or even when there’s a problem like when the movie stops playing).

You would think, when everyone spends $13 on a movie ticket, they would want to see the movie and not talk to their friend which they could do without buying a $13 ticket, but nope – it doesn’t deter the Chatty Cathys in the movie theater a bit.

Some of the talkers like to spice in some additional assholeness by checking the bright screen on their cell phone in between talking to their friends. These people are the worst people.

Perhaps it’s because people are just inconsiderate jerks when it comes to everything nowadays and the movie theater experience is just one of those things – and those of us who don’t care for talking during movies should just go ahead and get used to it or just not go anymore.

And that’s fine. There’s plenty of things to watch on Netflix anyway.