What’s the deal with those ‘Obama bought a house in Rancho Mirage’ rumors?

Obama Golf

In the past couple of years, rumors have been circulating around the Coachella Valley that the Obamas have secretly purchased a home inside Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage. No one has ever confirmed this to actually be the case, yet the rumors persist. So what the hell is really going on?

Let’s break down the three possibilities:

1) The Obamas have, in fact, purchased a multi-million dollar home in the Coachella Valley using someone else’s name, telling only a handful of officials, close friends and, for some reason, Palm Springs Councilwoman Ginny Foat.

2) The Obamas were looking at buying a home in Rancho Mirage, but were upset to find out that Lord Fletcher’s closes for 2 months out of the year and decided to stay in DC instead.

Those involved in showing the Obamas three options to buy – yeah, according to House Hunters you only look at three places – were never given word that the sale did not happen and have unknowingly been spreading a false story.

3) The Obamas did not buy a home in the desert, were never interested in buying a home in the desert, and the whole thing was just made up by some attention seeking asshole and then repeated by people who wanted to seem smarter than everyone else.

Or, perhaps, the rumor was just spread to make the Obamas look like rich douchebags.

So which of these is actually the case?  Let’s all wildly and irresponsibly speculate in the comments…