Can we take a minute and talk about binge watching?

It’s upon us. Cold and flu season. The worst of the seasons. If you so much as look at someone the wrong way you’ll catch whatever it is that’s floating around, and that’s ridiculous. As a school employee I see it spread across campus like wildfire. It’s like a zombie apocalypse movie, first the admin building is hit, then it spreads to the departments, “OH NO NOT THE ENGLISH TEACHERS!”

It catches up with us eventually, it’s just a matter of when. Time away from work, quarantined away in your own home, it’s a nightmare. But the silver lining is always that sweet sweet alone time with Netflix. Unless, of course, you and the kids get sick at the same time, then you’ll be watching My Little Pony and PJ Masks for the next eternity and a half. In my home, it’s Gilmore Girls or bust.

Binge watching a show is extremely fun. Some are better at it than others. I, for one, can only handle so many episodes back to back until my head begins to hurt and I forget the last time I showered. I know people that make it their goal to watch entire series in as little time as possible, that’s a talent I just don’t possess. You watched all of Game of Thrones in 2 days!? How is that even possible? Well, for one, it’s not. It would take you approximately 2 days AND 15 hours (plus 29.52 minutes) to get through it all at once. Thanks, BingeClock, my favorite new website, I just found out that Gilmore Girls takes 6 days and 9 hours to watch, which means I’ve spent at least 10 years watching that show since it’s premiere in 2000. Math isn’t my forte, per se, but that really sounds about right.

The last series I sat through and did all at once was Season 1 of Stranger Things. A mere 6 hours and 40 minutes. Completely worth it, by the way. Perfect for one of those 24 hour colds or a I-regrettably-had-Chipotle-for-dinner-last-night day afters.

Personally, I am in a good place, series wise. I just started Grey’s Anatomy (yeah, I’m a little late to the party, but at least I made it) and am really enjoying it so far. Team McDreamy! (Also, Team Jess, for all my Gilmore Girls homies out there. I will fight anyone who is Team Logan.)

As someone who hasn’t been hit by any nasty virus yet, I’m curious as to what our valley residents are currently binge watching, or what your go-to show is when you’re feeling under the weather. What shows coming out are you most looking forward to? Aside from Stranger Things, of course. We can take notes from each other, so in our time of need we can think, “thank you kind stranger for recommending ______!” Help me help you. I think it was Ghandi that said that.

Humans of the Coachella Valley, what is your visual comfort food?

*I realize that’s a strangely worded question, that could lead to many an inappropriate answer, but I’m going to leave it. Because I like to live dangerously. Like the one time I mentioned to 15 high school girls on my cross country team that I was watching Grey’s Anatomy, and then nothing but squeals and spoilers came out of their mouths. Despite me saying I was only on season 2. That was pretty spectacular.